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The qualification prepares candidates for the initial verification and periodic inspection of electrical installation work. Candidates will be expected to complete and pass a combined practical and answer paper along with an online examination to gain this qualification. What you need to qualify for entry

Exam success inspection and testing 2394 and 2395 pdf

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Telephone: We will be adding to and changing these downloads on a fairly regular basis throughout the year, so please continue to check regularly to see if new information has been added that could be of help in either your studies or your work within our industry. Thank you for utilising our site, and please remember to contact us should you wish to complete your future training at DJT. Some of the downloads require Microsoft Power Point. A free viewer can be downloaded here: Power Point Viewer. Answers to the questions can be found at the bottom of the question sheets or in the below files, except for example questions set 3 which we are not supplying to encourage you to look them up in your text books!

Initial and Fundamental Inspection and Testing (2394)

Programmes Modules. TU Dublin — Tallaght Campus reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment. Download this module Print View. Short Title: Electrical Testing and Faultfinding. Credits: 5. The aim of the module is to provide the learner with an in depth knowledge of Electrical Testing and Fault Finding techniques within an industrial production environment.

All papers are real exam papers, so you can use them in mock exam preparation. This will help you to become familiar with the types of question that might be asked in the exam. It will also give you an idea how to pace yourself in order to complete all the questions confortably within the time limit. You should try to answer the questions under exam conditions or as close as you can get and then review all of your answers. On most of the past exam papers we have included the answers on the last pages.

C&G 2391-52 Inspection and Testing Course (Periodic & Initial)

The City and Guilds Exam The written exam has been reduced from the s 2,5 hour test to a 90 minute test. Say goodbye to the 23Guilds course covering Periodic Inspection practical and revision with an open book 2 hours Multiple choice exam. The course has been introduced to streamline and simplify the qualifications required to carry our advanced inspection and testing. Until July most people would take a combined course which required 1 online exam, 2 practical assessments and 2 written exams. Q Ive just taken the is this now a redundant qualification?

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