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Outcomes Second Edition

Overall rating:. How original can a second edition really be? Or somewhere in between? The first edition of Outcomes had a reputation for being somewhat on the dry side, but this edition looks to address that issue head on. In a nutshell, what this new edition does is take all the best bits from the previous one, namely a strong language focus, and repackage it with an all new look, a selection of new texts and listenings and brand new video content.

In doing so a more rounded and all the more gratifying course is created. Importantly, however, it still very much retains its own identity. Suffice to say that it now looks like a course which is more interesting and therefore more motivating. Certainly compared to the intermediate level there is less new content. The grammar syllabus remains essentially the same as before, covering all the expected grammatical areas for this level, while the vocabulary input has also been updated rather than re-written.

However, the fact that these input areas were strengths of the original edition means it continues this tradition, only in an updated manner. Culturally this second edition seems to have become more global — there is no reliance on popular or western culture, more an effort to educate and broaden horizons through English. It is very much a world view that is being addressed in this respect.

This is evident especially through the visuals as well as texts and video content. There are internationally-flavoured texts on policing in Riga Unit 8 , famous journeys around the world Unit 11 and African entrepreneurs Unit In including these kinds of topics it seems to be encouraging students to reflect on their place in the world and how their views and those of their country fit in.

Indeed, more often than not there is ample opportunity for reflection, personalisation and critical thinking in activities linked to the reading tasks and in this respect there is plenty of opportunity for communication. However, slip in the DVD, download the worksheets and suddenly you have much more than a quick five-minute activity to end the class. Well, it works in tandem with a second version of the model role play where certain parts of the dialogue are muted out, but comes complete with subtitles and bouncing ball, a la karaoke.

The students then follow along, joining in when prompted. This might sound a bit ambitious or even a bit wacky , but my students really enjoyed doing this and found it helpful for when they came to do the task for themselves. Speaking to them they said it helped give them a structure for the conversation, as well as confidence in what they needed to do.

There is also new DVD content , so as well as exploiting the National Geographic pictorial archives, it has also raided the video archives for some input. In this respect we are treated to a range of topics ranging from the Capoeira fighting dance of Brazil Unit 6 , Nubian weddings Unit 14 and the hunt for black truffles in France Unit 16 to the more scientific content of the greenhouse effect Unit 8 and zoopharmascognosy Unit Each is a standalone lesson with engaging before, during and after tasks with a strong communicative focus.

As such it is a strong addition to the course. The format of the course is the same as before, with the syllabus set over 16 different units. Starting with a visual input and speaking double-page spread, each unit has three distinct language input and skills lessons with their own title eg Unit 4 on Society has lessons called The State of the Nation , Big Issues and Make A Difference.

Throughout the course the texts and the listenings are well exploited for language, providing good context for vocabulary and grammar development. There are plenty of noticing tasks with an inductive learning approach preferred in the main, thus ensuring a very much student-focussed approach. Just as pleasingly there is also plenty of recycling of language throughout each unit and the course as a whole, thus aiding the learning, retention of and development of the target language.

This is evident especially through the number of speaking tasks scattered across each unit, making Outcomes very much a communicative course. Every second unit there is an additional video lesson as well as a review page of the previous two units which focuses on testing grammar and vocabulary.

However, as the review focuses on language systems rather than skills, it lacks any connection to CEFR Can Do statements which might have been useful to help students assess their own development. The writing lessons come at the back of the book in the form of a writing bank as before which, depending on your persuasion, can be seen in both a positive or negative light.

Does putting it at the back of the book really help with the image of writing being the so-called Cinderella Skill? Regardless of that they are good solid lessons, with grammar and vocabulary input aiding the product writing approach. Several of these are akin to the review page input from the previous edition and include a selection of vocabulary and grammar revision games, dictation tasks, unit quizzes, pronunciation worksheets, learner-training tasks as well as the worksheets for the conversation practice lessons.

You can also stream all the video content from here and download Word versions of the reading texts and audio and video scripts for further exploitation. Taking all that into account there is plenty of extra for the teacher to exploit, so long as they are willing to make the effort to download it all.

In this respect it seems to have taken a leaf out of courses like Straightforward which not only supports teachers but looks to help them develop too. With that in mind then, as well as the usual optional extra activities, there is also a wealth of Teacher Development sections dotted throughout. These cover areas as varied as using dictionaries, correcting, feedback, back chaining, listening for chunks, justifying answers, using concept checking questions, setting up role plays, organising pair and group work as well as using different language games.

From a practical point of view this can be really helpful for all teachers, especially those fresh of a CELTA course in need of all the help and support they can get.

Also hidden at the back are the end-of-unit and end-of-course tests. These focus on grammar and vocabulary and are quite thorough in this respect with a variety of different activity types. However, having them in editable Word format would have been beneficial. That said, as an addition to this there is also the ExamViewer software which allows teachers to create exams and online tests.

For the students there are also two websites available for extra practice activities. First of all there is the Outcomes webpage www. This allows students to test themselves on any words, from any page, from any unit, from any level. This is very much a case of repetition, repetition, repetition in a bid to help students not only to learn but know the words they come across in the course; and for those students motivated enough it is a useful tool.

The online content is of a high standard and complements the coursebook really well. All the listenings, readings and videos from the main course are available with additional activities, thus further exploiting the materials. There are of course plenty of additional grammar and vocabulary activities, which take on the form of gap fills and drag and drop activities.

There are also additional activities using the Conversation Practice videos and more impressively pronunciation activities where students can listen to models and then record themselves to compare which is a really nice little feature. As well as a standard dictionary it includes word webs and picture dictionary content, a thesaurus, grammar explanations and an activity guide organised under word umbrellas.

This allayed to the online content means that there is plenty to keep students busy. For all the changes in the content, it is the presentation of this new edition which is the most noticeable and striking change.

Just looking at the cover suggests a change in direction. Gone is the somewhat dry look and in its place we have a kaleidoscope of colour through inspirational and thought-provoking photographs.

Clearly the link with National Geographic Learning and its database of photographic material has breathed new life into the series and this has been incorporated well throughout the books. With each unit starting with a double page photograph plus speaking task, students are automatically drawn in and hopefully inspired with regards the theme of the unit.

For visual students this provides real motivation and it continues across the units, with good use of relevant photographs to support and break up the input and practice material. This really suits the more adult appeal of the course.

While some pages do come across as very text and content heavy, good use is made of headers to signpost the different stages of the lesson. Colour shading and box-outs also help to split the information up, thus making it more accessible to the student. The only area that really suffers is the Grammar Reference section at the back of the book.

It is a stream of grammatical information and practice which becomes somewhat of a blur the longer you look at it. However, with a strong language focus and with a good range of skills tasks, specifically writing, it could also be used as an introduction to Cambridge First.

Many of the tasks types are replicated, specifically in the Review lessons, while many First writing types are dealt with in the writing bank. Overall, this is clearly an improvement on the previous edition and as such is a well-rounded course. While much of the content is the same as before, it continues to have all the components that you would hope for in a course, whilst having its own identity and enough original features to make it an attractive choice on any general English course, regardless of teaching context.

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Outcomes Upper Intermediate Vocabulary Builder

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Sometimes things date a bit too. So the new edition has all the great focus on genuine communication and thorough language work of the first edition with these enhancements:. So the new edition has all the great focus on genuine communication and thorough language work of the first edition with these enhancements: Amazing Nat Geo photos to open each unit with tasks to generate ideas and language. Scripted videos to support conversation practice and Nat Geo videos to bring world content and authentic language into the classroom. More student and teacher friendly guided discovery and support for grammar Enhanced online vocabulary builder with search facility, exercises, personalised word lists, self-testing tool and concordancer.

4 Outcomes Writing and Vocabulary Booklet • Teacher's Notes • Upper Intermediate. © Cengage Learning, Inc. Aim. To help students write an informal.

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Leo Well, in some parts of Africa and Asia there are thousands of people suffering from blindness caused a lack of vitamin A. Real situations, real language, real outcomes. The second edition of Outcomes is the only course that is consistently focused on helping students achieve the real world communicative outcomes they want and need. Zapraszamy do skorzystania z naszej oferty. Outcomes is a completely new general English course in which: - Natural, real-world grammar and vocabulary help students to succeed in social, professional, and academic settings - CEF goals are the focus of communication activi Shop for Outcomes Advanced: Workbook and CD: 2nd edition from WHSmith.

The Extra Practice Activities are designed so that teachers can assign different levels of activities on each unit to individual students according to their needs and abilities. Grammar and Vocabulary are comprehensively covered in both the Extra Practice and the Revision worksheets, while Extension emphasises writing and speaking. National Geographic Learning. Extra Practice Activities. Extra Practice worksheets provide more coverage of the unit content for students who will benefit from more activities to consolidate their learning.

outcomes upper intermediate student

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