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By Kimberly Marshall.

Boiler water is the term used specifically to refer to water which is heated inside the actual boiler. Boiler water is provided by the boiler feed water from the boiler as either heated water or steam. Return condensate : Return Condensate is water which passes through boiler , gets converted to steam and after serving some purpose condensed back to liquid water and returned to feed water tank.

Need of Boiler Feed water Treatment | Boiler water treatment process

Boiler water is the term used specifically to refer to water which is heated inside the actual boiler. Boiler water is provided by the boiler feed water from the boiler as either heated water or steam. Return condensate : Return Condensate is water which passes through boiler , gets converted to steam and after serving some purpose condensed back to liquid water and returned to feed water tank.

A Boiler plant is a critical part of an Industrial concern. In any process Industries, the steam generators are act as vital role. The purity of boiler water and steam is one of the most important criteria for ensuring component availability an reliability in power generating systems. Carry Over : Moisture , solids , silica and other associated solids passing from a boiler with steam is called carryover.

It may vary source to source. Following are the different types of impurities which are generally present in any types of water. The types and percentage of impurities vary according to source of the water like river, lake, bore well etc. Cl 2 Raw water Impurities and its impact on boiler: 1. Total Alkalinity:. In raw water, total alkalinity primarily covers bicarbonate. A small amount of carbonate might also be present.

Hydroxide ions do not exist in raw water. Total alkalinity in raw water is important since it represents a potential source of scale. The primary source of alkalinity in raw water is due to bicarbonate ions. On Heating bicarbonate ions decomposes to Carbonates and Carbon di oxide. If a soluble salt results, further heating will decompose the carbonate to caustic OH and carbon di oxide. Carbon di Oxide is a primary source of condensate line corrosion.

In majority of raw water calcium is the main source of hardness. In boiler and cooling water systems calcium salts are the main cause of scale.

Scale is not a problem where chloride salts are concerned, but they are very corrosive in oxidizing environment. Chlorides are prominent in crevice corrosion and pitting. In all cases of designs or operation, steps should be taken to prevent the concentration of chlorides. Iron is normally found in soluble ferrous form.

On contact with air or oxidizing agents, iron is converted to ferric form and forms insoluble hydroxides or oxides. If iron is more than 0. Magnesium usually forms hydroxides or silicates in boiler water , which are desirable types of sludge.

If boiler water alkalinity is low, undesirable magnesium phosphate often forms which is sticky and scale forming. In cooling water system, magnesium only precipitates when pH is over The raw water pH will be in the range of 5.

Low pH can result in corrosion and high pH can result in scale formation. Silica control is important especially in high-pressure boilers, since silica can vaporize and deposit in low-pressure areas of turbine , as well as, super-heaters. Most raw waters contain sulphates. The conductivity test, though not accurate is a convenient method to check the TDS. Any change in raw water composition is reflected by the change in conductivity.

Hardness of water is expressed in parts of calcium carbonate per million parts of water. It also expressed in grains of CaCo3 per gallon of water Temporary Hardness causes carbonate hardness which is soft and porous. Permanent Hardness in water cause non carbonate hardness which is hard in nature.

Treating boiler water also ensure safe and reliable operation. Without proper treatment boiler itself can be destroyed. Maintain a high level of steam purity. The maintenance of steam purity is also importan t. Certain impurities can be carried over or dissolved in steam and can be deposited in the super heater or on the turbine blades. Gaseous impurities are objectionable where the steam is condensed after use or is used in heating system.

Due to these conditions foaming and priming will happen. Boiler feed water properties depended upon boiler operating pressure. According to boiler operating pressure the specifications of feed water as follow as.

This occurs in water supply systems, pre-boiler systems, boilers, condensate return lines. Oxygen attack is accelerated by high temperature and by low pH. A treatment for boiler feed water may be divided into two broad classifications — external and internal treatment. This is known as External treatment. To minimize the hardness , Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate is used. M water storage tank should be properly sealed. The object of blowing down a boiler is to maintain the concentration of dissolved and suspended solids within the specified limits to avoid priming and carryover.

This is installed in order to regulate and maintain the boiler water concentration at a constant level. The percentage of blow down should be controlled to a minimum necessary to achieve this.

This is resorted to only when the water analysis shows it to be necessary or when an immediate change high boiler T. S is required. And then only on the instructions of responsible person. Hi friends Thanks for reading. I Hope you liked it. Give feed back, comments and please share it.

In this page provided formulas of Perimeter and Area for two dimensional geometrical figures like square, rectangle, Rhombus, In this article explained about centrifugal section and Sugar house equipment capacity calculation for process house of sugar industry Return condensate Qty depended upon vapour bleeding system in process. In some industries used extraction steam for pan washing and cut line steam, Super heated wash water system … etc So the according to process usage will calculate the return condensate QTY.

You have very detailed article about the water treatment…. Your email address will not be published. Contents 1 Boiler feed water specifications Specifications of Boiler water 1.

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Specific electrical conductivity at 25 Deg C Max.

Boiler Carryover – Cause, Effect and Prevention

Boiler water is used in many different industries for such applications as heating, sterilization, and humidification. These industries include metalworking, electrical, manufacturing, and agricultural industries. Controlling the conductivity of water is an essential component of making sure that a boiler functions properly. A key issue with high conductivity in boiler water is that operational issues such as scaling can occur, which is a buildup of solid material in the boiler. When this occurs, the boiler becomes less efficient and increases the fuel consumption of the unit. High conductivity levels also heighten the risk that the boiler water becomes contaminated , which can be very dangerous. If you want to effectively measure the conductivity of the boiler water now and in the future, you need to understand how this measurement works and what you need to look for while measuring the water.

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Best Management Practice #10: Cooling Tower Management

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View Cart Checkout. Carryover also known as priming is any solid, liquid or vaporous contaminant that leaves a boiler with the steam. Both mechanical factors such as boiler design, high water levels, load characteristics and chemical factors such as high solids concentration, excessive alkalinity, presence of contaminants contribute to the creation of carryover.

The Effects of High Conductivity in Boiler Water Treatment

Corrosion is one of the main causes of reduced reliability in steam generating systems.

What Is a Boiler Feed Water Treatment System and How Does It Work?

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The Boiler House

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