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Social inequality is an area within sociology that focuses on the distribution of goods and burdens in society. A good can be, for example, income, education, employment or parental leave, while examples of burdens are substance abuse, criminality, unemployment and marginalisation.

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Globalization is one of the most widely discussed topics in geography and other social sciences. It refers to intensified geographical movements across national borders of commodities, people seeking employment, money and capital investment, knowledge, cultural values, and environmental pollutants. Globalization has economic, political, cultural, spatial, and environmental aspects. Causes and impacts of globalization are hotly debated. Some claim that we live in a historically unique globalized world, with a single world market, where national boundaries including nation-states are more or less meaningless, and distances have little impact on economic and social relations. Accordingly, globalization affects everyone and all places, and nation-states are powerless to control hypermobile capital, so it is futile to resist it. They emphasize the importance of international companies headquartered in specific national territories, i.

Economic inequality

Geography can be a very fun subject. Browse all issues of cultural geographies. Geography and World Cultures is designed as the first course in the social studies sequence. Cultural similarities and differences in social inference: Evidence from behavioral predictions and lay theories of behavior. In addition, our collection of geography activities feature both local and international activities that are sure to pique your kid's curiosity about foreign lands and how environments vary from place to place. Early emphasis is placed on the development and appreciation of physical geographic knowledge including meteorology, geomorphology, and cartography.

This course is available as an outside option to students on other programmes where regulations permit. This course will have limited numbers, but seminar allocation will be available across GI and GI where possible. This course will provide students with a knowledge of two key interconnected and intersecting literatures: gender and development and gender and globalisation. We begin by defining and theorising gender, development and globalisation and their operation in material spaces, policy and practice. The course considers contemporary theories of globalisation and development and the differences that a gender perspective makes.

Aotearoa/New Zealand human and cultural geography. The authors integrate key themes of globalisation, difference and inequality into this student friendly.

Globalisation and Inequality (Revision Essay Plan)

There are wide varieties of economic inequality , most notably measured using the distribution of income the amount of money people are paid and the distribution of wealth the amount of wealth people own. Besides economic inequality between countries or states, there are important types of economic inequality between different groups of people. Important types of economic measurements focus on wealth , income , and consumption. There are many methods for measuring economic inequality, [3] with the Gini coefficient being a widely used one.

Health geography: supporting public health policy and planning

Social inequality

Geography and health are intrinsically linked. Where we are born, live, study and work directly influences our health experiences: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the viruses we are exposed to and the health services we can access. The social, built and natural environments affect our health and well-being in ways that are directly relevant to health policy. Spatial location the geographic context of places and the connectedness between places plays a major role in shaping environmental risks as well as many other health effects. Health geography is a subdiscipline of human geography, which deals with the interaction between people and the environment.

Here is an answer to the following question: "Evaluate the extent to which globalisation inevitably leads to a rise in income inequality in one or more countries of your choice. Globalisation is a process through which countries, businesses and people become more inter-connected and inter-dependent via an increase in trade in goods and services, cross-border investment and labour migration from one nation to another. Income and wealth inequality can be measured in various ways including the Gini coefficient and the Palma Ratio. The latter is a good indicator of the depth of inequality since it tracks incomes flowing to the top ten percent of households and divides by the incomes for the bottom forty percent. In South Africa, that figure is 7. One way globalisation can increase inequality is through the effects of increasing specialisation and trade.

Geography is a discipline that allows those who use it to ask questions, solve problems and communicate solutions about a wide range of issues. This text.

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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. W e live in an unequal world in which descriptors of global inequality—especially inequalities in income—abound. Researchers and policy makers continue to debate how, and at what scale, inequality trends are changing, but, by any measure, the disparities between rich and poor are striking Firebaugh, ; Milanovic, ; The Economist , ; Held and Kaya, ; Lobao et al. The recent past has also seen rapid economic globalization—characterized by the supranational spatial integration of economies and societies Stiglitz, Understanding the nature of, and linkages between, globalization and inequality is crucial because disparities abound in access to needs such as shelter, land, food and clean water, sustainable livelihoods, technology, and information.

Without transporta-tion, activities in cities grind to a halt, but it is also the source of many seemingly intractable urban problems such as congestion, pollution, inequality, and reliance on fossil fuels. The individual investigation must be based on a question or issue defined and developed by the student relating to any part of the specification content. Geography or Master of Arts in Geography is a postgraduate Geography course. These maps display census geographic boundaries and the geographic distribution of selected census data. Knox Linda M.

Feminist geography is a sub-discipline of human geography that applies the theories, methods, and critiques of feminism to the study of the human environment, society, and geographical space. The discipline has been subject to several controversies. The geography of women examines the effects geography has on gender inequality and is theoretically influenced by welfare geography and liberal feminism. Feminist geographers emphasize the various gendered constraints put in place by distance and spatial separation for instance, spatial considerations can play a role in confining women to certain locations or social spheres.

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