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At the same time, techs also need to become familiar with the concept of poles, since poles represent one key to a successful replacement. In most cases, you can look inside the motor and count the number of poles in the winding; they are distinct bundles of wire evenly spaced around the stator core. The number of poles, combined with the ac line frequency Hertz, Hz , are all that determine the no-load revolutions per minute rpm of the motor.

Keep in mind, no-load RPM is a factor of motor poles and power frequency, not voltage, horsepower, or motor diameter. With that knowledge in mind, you may surmise that every four-pole AC induction motor runs at the same speed..

Number of Poles (AC Motor) Calculator

This is a new pop-up window on top of your GeneratorJoe browser window. For a detailed explanation of each formula, Click on the links below to go right to it. Temperature Conversion Formula. In mechanical systems, all rotating parts do not usually operate at the same speed. Thus, we need to determine the "equivalent inertia" of each moving part at a particular speed of the prime mover.

The total equivalent WK 2 for a system is the sum of the WK 2 of each part, referenced to prime mover speed. This equation becomes a common denominator on which other calculations can be based. For variable-speed devices, inertia should be calculated first at low speed.

Let's look at a simple system which has a prime mover PM , a reducer and a load. This relationship of the reducer to the driven load is expressed by the formula given earlier:. In other words, when a part is rotating at a speed N different from the prime mover, the WK 2 EQ is equal to the WK 2 of the part's speed ratio squared.

In the example, the result can be obtained as follows:. The total WK 2 equivalent is that WK 2 seen by the prime mover at its speed. Horsepower is work done per unit of time. One HP equals 33, ft-lb of work per minute. When work is done by a source of torque T to produce M rotations about an axis, the work done is:. When rotation is at the rate N rpm, the HP delivered is:.

For purpose of estimating, the eff. For estimating, pump efficiency may be assumed at 0. The equivalent inertia of an adjustable speed drive indicates the energy required to keep the system running.

However, starting or accelerating the system requires extra energy. The torque required to accelerate a body is equal to the WK 2 of the body, times the change in RPM, divided by times the interval in seconds in which this acceleration takes place:. The constant is derived by transferring linear motion to angular motion, and considering acceleration due to gravity. If, for example, we have simply a prime mover and a load with no speed adjustment:. The WK 2 EQ is determined as before:.

If we want to accelerate this load to RPM in 1 minute, enough information is available to find the amount of torque necessary to accelerate the load. In other words, Note that T Acc is an average value of accelerating torque during the speed change under consideration. If a more accurate calculation is desired, the following example may be helpful.

The time that it takes to accelerate an induction motor from one speed to another may be found from the following equation:. The Application of the above formula will now be considered by means of an example. Figure A shows the speed-torque curves of a squirrel-cage induction motor and a blower which it drives. At any speed of the blower, the difference between the torque which the motor can deliver at its shaft and the torque required by the blower is the torque available for acceleration.

Reference to Figure A shows that the accelerating torque may vary greatly with speed. When the speed-torque curves for the motor and blower intersect there is no torque available for acceleration. The motor then drives the blower at constant speed and just delivers the torque required by the load.

In order to find the total time required to accelerate the motor and blower, the area between the motor speed-torque curve and the blower speed-torque curve is divided into strips, the ends of which approximate straight lines. Each strip corresponds to a speed increment which takes place within a definite time interval.

The solid horizontal lines in Figure A represent the boundaries of strips; the lengths of the broken lines the average accelerating torques for the selected speed intervals. In order to calculate the total acceleration time for the motor and the direct-coupled blower it is necessary to find the time required to accelerate the motor from the beginning of one speed interval to the beginning of the next interval and add up the incremental times for all intervals to arrive at the total acceleration time.

If the WR 2 of the motor whose speed-torque curve is given in Figure A is 3. Figure A Curves used to determine time required to accelerate induction motor and blower. Sales Orders are often entered with a note under special features such as:. Orders with notes such as these can not be processed for two reasons.

Obtaining this information and checking with the product group before the order is entered can save much time, expense and correspondence. Duty cycle refers to the detailed description of a work cycle that repeats in a specific time period.

This cycle may include frequent starts, plugging stops, reversals or stalls. These characteristics are usually involved in batch-type processes and may include tumbling barrels, certain cranes, shovels and draglines, dampers, gate- or plow-positioning drives, drawbridges, freight and personnel elevators, press-type extractors, some feeders, presses of certain types, hoists, indexers, boring machines, cinder block machines, key-seating, kneading, car-pulling, shakers foundry or car , swaging and washing machines, and certain freight and passenger vehicles.

The list is not all-inclusive. The drives for these loads must be capable of absorbing the heat generated during the duty cycles. Adequate thermal capacity would be required in slip couplings, clutches or motors to accelerate or plug-stop these drives or to withstand stalls.

It is the product of the slip speed and the torque absorbed by the load per unit of time which generates heat in these drive components. All the events which occur during the duty cycle generate heat which the drive components must dissipate. Because of the complexity of the Duty Cycle Calculations and the extensive engineering data per specific motor design and rating required for the calculations, it is necessary for customer to refer to an electrical engineer for motor sizing with a duty cycle application.

All Rights Reserved. At rpm, a motor develops a 3 lb. Torque in lb. Per sq. The formulas and calculations which appear below should be used for estimating purposes only. It is the responsibility of the customer to specify the required motor Hp, Torque and accelerating time for his application. Rules Of Thumb Approximation. Mechanical Formulas. Temperature Conversion. High Inertia Loads. Motor Slip.

Equivalent Inertia. Electrical Formulas. Basic Horsepower Calculations. Accelerating Torque. Duty Cycles. HP x rpm. Load rpm Motor rpm. T x n N part N prime mover. Amperes when horsepower is known. HP x 1. Amperes when kilowatts are known. Amperes when kVA are known. I x E TN 5, For purposes of estimating. Volume cfm x Head inches of water x Mechanical Efficiency of Fan. Volume cfm x Pressure lb. Air Capacity cfm varies directly with fan speed.

Developed Pressure varies with square of fan speed. Hp varies with cube of fan speed. GPM x Pressure in lb. Radius of gyration. Time of acceleration secs. Constant of proportionality. WK 2 N t. WK 2 EQ N t. WR 2 x change in rpm x T. Average value of accelerating torque during the speed change under consideration. Time the motor takes to accelerate from the initial speed to the final speed. Flywheel effect, or moment of inertia, for the driven machinery plus the motor rotor in lb. WR 2


Hello everyone, i am Niko and, in this instructables i will show you, how to rewind and renew old three phase electric motor. If you are searching for rewinding of one phase motor you can find it here. In this insctructables, i am going to make step forward. In next steps I will show you how to analyse motors winding, disassemble motor, remove bearings, calculate new winding, rewind motor, reassemble it with new bearings and test motor. Rewinding is very long process. It took about two days to rewind it, replace all old parts and reassemble it.

One crucial measurement is revolutions per minute, or RPM, which describes the speed of a motor. It stands for revolutions per minute and describes the rate at which the rotor is revolving, which is the number of times the rotor shaft completes a full rotation each minute. It can be used to measure the speed of motors, turbines, centrifuges, conveyors and other equipment. Calculating motor RPM, as well as other measurements like torque, voltage and power, is essential when choosing a motor for a given application. Calculating motor speed can help you choose the right kind of motor when replacing components and help you make better repair decisions. You also need to understand RPM to control and monitor motor operation effectively. AC motors are designed to run at certain speeds.

Motor with an actual speed of 3, Rpm? From Table 1, we see that the synchronous speed of a two-pole, 60 Hz motor is 3,, so the synchronous speed.

Motor Pole And Rpm Chart Pdf - Motor Pole And Rpm Motorcyclepict Co

This is a new pop-up window on top of your GeneratorJoe browser window. For a detailed explanation of each formula, Click on the links below to go right to it. Temperature Conversion Formula.

An AC motor is an electric motor driven by an alternating current AC. The AC motor commonly consists of two basic parts, an outside stator having coils supplied with alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field , and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft producing a second rotating magnetic field. The rotor magnetic field may be produced by permanent magnets, reluctance saliency, or DC or AC electrical windings. Less common, AC linear motors operate on similar principles as rotating motors but have their stationary and moving parts arranged in a straight line configuration, producing linear motion instead of rotation.

Motor pole and rpm chart pdf

How to Calculate the RPM of a Motor

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What Is the RPM of a Motor?

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Rewinding 3 Phase Motor

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    Motor Poles vs. RPM. There are times when a motors data information sheet RPM of a motor by counting the number of poles (winding loops) it has. It is now easy to count the poles (8) and compare it to the chart above to determine a PSC.

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    Electric motors are characterized by their variety, ranging from fractional horsepower units for small appliances, to motors with thousands of hp for heavy industrial use.

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